Freight Service

Kamaka has regular flights to Moloka'i, Kalaupapa and Lana'i Monday-Friday. We do our best to get all freight received prior to 9:00 am delivered same day. Freight received after 9:00 am will be delivered the following morning, or if received Friday after 9:00 am, it will be delivered the following Monday morning.



We ship family pets. All animals must be in a hard plastic
airline crate that has adequate room for them to stand up
and turn around in.


We ship fresh fruit, vegetables and various other food items.
We prefer same day shipment for perishable items.


We ship plants, but they must be pre-approved by the agriculture department and be accompanied by an agriculture for shipment.

oversized items

We ship generators, bikes, motorcycles, surfboards,
building materials to name a few.