Kamaka has regular flights to Moloka'i, Kalaupapa and Lana'i Monday-Friday with charter flights to nearly every airport in Hawai'i.

We do our best to get all freight received prior to 9:00 am delivered same day. Freight received after 9:00 am will be delivered the following morning, or if received Friday after 9:00 am, it will be delivered the following Monday morning. 

Now serving Maui!

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Learn which cargo service is best for you!

Per pound vs. Charter

Per Pound - per pound shipping allows you to send any size cargo paying only for what you ship.

Charter - charter service allows you to specify date, time, location, and the entire aircraft is yours.

Shipping Locations



(808) 839-0946
If shipping from Honolulu call our main office or stop in during normal business hours.



(808) 559-6251
Call Sergio at our Lanai office.



(808) 646-1284
Call Porter at the Molokai office.



(808) 856-1140
Call Talia at the Maui office.

Charter Service

A charter involves renting out an entire aircraft and allows you to have complete control over when, where, and how your shipment is conducted. Last minute emergency charter service available. Please call our main office in Honolulu at (808) 839-0946 for more information and charter pricing.

For emergency service our main office number is available 24 hours.

cargo size

Caravan Door Opening Square.jpg

Our Cessna Caravans have door dimensions of 48” by 48” and fit standard pallets.

Many items larger than 48” can still be accommodated based on shape. Our team also has extensive experience in safely breaking down shipments and providing alternative solutions to make your shipment fit into our planes. If you are unsure that your cargo will fit, please call us at (808) 839-0946.

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